Words by Shirley Liu:

Chang and Truong were high school sweethearts. During their engagement session we could see that the chemistry between them was amazing. When Truong got teary eyed during the ceremony, you could see Chang’s face filled with love, you knew they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together as husband and wife.

Chang is Cambodian/Chinese and Truong is Vietnamese. We were lucky to get to witness some of the beautiful traditional Asian ceremonies. Between the two of them they had 8 amazing outfits that made them look like king and queen. From the presentation of dowry and ring exchanges, the touching tea ceremony, the fun hair cutting ceremony that was filled with dancing and laughter, to the meaningful pair (string) ceremony with everyone’s blessing, Chang and Truong were surrounded by their closest friends and family.

The reception was full of joy, laughter and of course lots of dancing. Before the party started Chang changed into the most gorgeous traditional Chinese dress (chipao) we have ever seen and went from table to table thanking all the guests for their support and blessings. Throughout the day Chang and Truong showed us so much care it melted our hearts. Right after the reception they gave us a big hug and said how much they appreciated us being there. They made us love our jobs even more.

Chang and Truong, thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us. You are a truly beautiful pair and we loved photographing your wedding.